Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting older or wiser?

Months ago, I celebrated my birthday with my family and this was my slice of the birthday cake from Bakerzin. Chocolatey and yummy.

Older...definitely; wiser...perhaps. Well, perhaps in choice of food as I'm getting wider around my waist. Sigh...really trying to maintain my weight. Got a weakness for chocolates lately, mainly anything with raisins and nuts in it like the Whittaker one. Anyone tried it?

Busy marking compos now as exams are round the corner but taking time out to de-stress. Not sure how many of you out there even come here anymore. :(

Ta-ta. Take care, people!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hi! I'm BACK!

The best Teacher's Day gift is to see all of you that day. How much you all have grown; so tall, pretty/handsome and definitely wiser.

Some of you are still as shy as ever, keeping your distance from me. Perhaps you were afraid of being asked if you had been a well-behaved student in your respective school? I've always said, having an excellent character is way better than merely having excellent academic results. Okay, I'm nagging again...

Pity we didn't get to see Benjamin who has hurt his arm. Hope he's recovering well. Wonder if he will still read this blog that is hardly updated?

Anyway, I wish all of you all the best in everything that you do! Till we meet again. Cheers!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

2009 is here! I'll be teaching 5Di and yes, double English. Hey, ex-Kemingnites, how's your new school?

As promised, I have uploaded a picture of me on Yangmingshan in Taipei. It's pretty cool up there (as you can tell, I was quite wrapped up) and quiet (no tourists in sight; probably it's because it was lunchtime and they'd all gone). Dogs are allowed to move around rather freely in Taiwan. They need not be leashed and can even enter restaurants!

Was it Alicia who also went to Taiwan last year? Well, it was my first time to HK in 2007 and to Taiwan in 2008. This year, I might go to USA. I have been there before in 1999 and travelled quite a fair bit there during my 3 months stay there. I was in Boston and took a driving holiday all the way from Boston to Florida which took us 3 days. We spent a few days at Disney World resort and had a wonderful time there. Then we drove to Oklahoma where I spent one and a half months before returning home. It was quite a relaxing and eye-opening experience for me as I was basically a housewife (which I had never been since I got married) and socialised with the Americans. I cooked Singapore-style curry for them (it was my first time cooking it; frankly it wasn't very nice) but it was 'awesome' for them! Ha ha! Maybe it's because it was a totally fresh taste for them.

Hope to see all of you again this year on Teachers' Day...just to see how much you all have grown. More pimples, voice changes, etc...

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's holidays, finally!

It's been the longest time since the last posting in June. How time flies! 'PSLE' the dreaded word for the whole of this year has finally become history for all of you.

Hope you are satisfied with your results and that you can gain entry to your first choice school. I'm somewhat worried about Brandon. When he came to shake my hand that day, he was on the verge of tears. Can someone please tell me if he's alright? Otherwise I'll call him one of these days.

You know, I still go back to school to do all sorts of stuff. One of the chores would be to clear up my cubicle. I wish someone could help me or perhaps, I'd just close my eyes and sweep everything into the black garbage bag! That would be the quickest possible way, what do you think? I wonder if you've thrown all your P6 stuff away. Don't we all have a problem with clutter?

Some of you could well be overseas by now having a good time for all that you've 'suffered' (like real?) I'll soon be able to do so myself (hee hee) by first going off to Penang to attend a relative's wedding and then off to Taiwan for some relaxation (see photo; isn't it wonderful if one hikes up a path like that?). I'll try to put up a few photos after the trip. Not sure if anyone bothers. Guess I won't if no one responds to this post.

I'm hungry and will get some food. Till then! Cheers!

Monday, June 2, 2008

It's June!

Hope all of you are having moments like this: happiness! See how wide Yiming's smile was! Guess many of you have completed your holiday assignments and now taking some time off on your own to rest and relax a bit. I know your parents may nag but you have to take it in your stride! Every 12-year old in Singapore goes through this; you are not alone.

Look at it this way: by mid October, it's all over! You'll have all the time in the world to do whatever you want to do right now, like playing computer games and erm, more computer games?!

How about another endearing photo to reminisce the good old times (well, not that old, just 3 months ago)...

Make sure all of you exchange your home/email addresses, phone numbers, etc before you leave Keming. Keep your friendships alive takes effort and save yourself time in future to search for them through Facebook.

(from left)Xiaoxue, Li Yee & Yun Ning

Friday, February 29, 2008

Hey there! I've changed the URL!

Well, I must apologise it's been a while since I last posted. See my new 'boyfriend'? Bruce Lee (wax figure at Victoria's Peak in Hong Kong). I promised to show you some pictures of my travel in December.
It was a lovely trip as the weather in HK was cool but cold at times. I also spent a day in Macau sightseeing and visiting the casino. I just hated the smokers there. The whole area was filled with smoke - no escaping to a quiet corner. Only later did my husband tell me that there was a non-smoking floor below. I can't believe it when Alicia told me that there was a mini casino meant for kids! Unbelievable!
Please tell Mdm Tan about this blog so that she can join us here! Also tell the rest that 'I AM BACK!'

Friday, November 30, 2007

My Trip to Thailand

Hi everyone,

Some of you may be overseas by now and enjoying yourselves too. Even if you are in Singapore, there are tons of things to do, like visiting the library, watching a movie and doing your holiday assignments (a gentle reminder - spoils the fun?)

I just returned from Krabi, Thailand early this morning at 12.30 am. I spent five days in Phuket and Krabi with my family. It's a beautiful place especially Phi Phi island. We took a speedboat to go island-hopping. My children even went snorkelling to look at fish (clown fish "Nemo") and corals. I was actually worried about encountering a tsunami since the one in 2004. As I toured these two areas, the evacuation routes are clearly marked with signposts and warning systems have been set up all around the islands. We also managed to catch the sight of a lovely sunset at the unblocked view at the Pramtherp Cape (if I 've spelt correctly). The food there is usually spicy and very delicious. I must have been greedy and was down with food poisoning.

While I was there, I also visited Anuban Krabi School. Their teachers and students came to visit us on 5 Nov this year. Remember?

I had a great time although I was sick towards the end of the trip. (I shall share some of my photos with you next time)

At the same time, I was also saddened by the deaths of the 5 dragon boat racers who drowned in Cambodia as I read the newspapers this morning. Before I left for my trip, their bodies have not been found yet. Did you all follow the reports? Remember to keep reading newspapers.

Au revoir! (Goodbye in French)